Google Ads and Facebook Ads Reporting & Analysis

Understand ad performance, grow ROI, pinpoint what’s making you money, and spot trends in your advertising efforts. Advertising Intelligence gives you the power to become an expert in digital advertising.

The Single Source of Truth for Your Ads
Bring your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns under one roof to determine what’s working across ad platforms. Compare campaigns side-by-side to see the big picture of your advertising efforts.

Pinpoint What is Making You Money
Advertising Intelligence provides more than the traditional ad metrics and data points. By combining live reporting and unique sales data, you can see your true ROI.

Comparison Tools for Smarter Campaigns

Look at your advertising data with confidence. Smart insights and comparison tools will help you understand what types of ads are giving your business the best results.


ROI Calculator

The ROI calculator is designed to give you a quick understanding of your performance. Advertising Intelligence considers variables like conversions and ad spend to gain a clear picture of the success of your ad dollars.


Data From Multiple Platforms

Stop shuffling between advertising dashboards, with Advertising Intelligence you gain ad performance information for:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • and More