Search Engine Optimization is Crucial to Long-Term Success Online

Organic searches make up the bulk of all clicks on Google, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets businesses to show up at the top of these organic search results. Winning at search requires a systematic approach to understanding what people are searching for, the words they’re using, and the type of content they want to consume.

What, Exactly is Search Engine Optimization?
The majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. SEO is the practice of using non-paid search engine results to increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic. When set up properly, it is one of the only online marketing methods that can continue to pay dividends over time.

It’s Not Just About Keywords
Yes, keywords are important because they link what people are searching for and the content you provide. But, Google is also watching what happens when a visitor gets to your site. Have you provided relevant, useful content? Have you organized it in a way that’s easy to understand? Structuring and optimizing the content on your site is the focus of Onsite SEO.

Reach Buyers Early in the Buying Process

When people are using search, they’re often in the process of researching a product or service for purchase. They’re evaluating the available solutions and weighting their options. If you haven’t done your SEO, they most likely aren’t going to find you.


Don’t Fall Behind Your Competition

The businesses that reach the top results in searches are those that consistently execute deliberate SEO strategies. If you’re going to keep pace with your competitors and secure organic search market share, SEO is the only way.


90.88% of pages are invisible in Google

A study of almost a billion web pages revealed that nearly all of them receive no organic search traffic whatsoever. Without SEO, it’s likely that’s where your business will end up.