A Beautiful, Engaging & High-Converting Mobile App for Your Business

It’s a mobile world. Your prospects are mobile. Your customers are mobile. Without a mobile marketing strategy, you’re losing business every day.

Engagement Marketing is the Secret to Success
From articles, videos and surveys to coupons, discounts and purchase suggestions, savvy businesses use mobile apps to deliver an experience that deepens the customer connection and builds a solid foundation to generate brand loyalty.

Maximize Your Conversion Strategy
Gaining a new customer is not an event, its a journey. Conversion strategy is the process of encouraging prospects to take specific actions during that journey that lead them to become clients. Your mobile app lets you walk prospects step-by-step through the customer conversion process.

Mobile App Management

Add, change and remove app content in real time with the WD App Builder platform. You have complete control over your mobile app to maximize engagement and enhance the user experience. Change the color? No problem. Want to add a new feature or functionality? You can to that too with this simple, easy-to-use tool.


Advanced Messaging Platform

The Advanced Messaging system gives you the flexibility to build, create and control your app messaging and notification campaigns from anywhere you have an internet connection. Message all of your app users or just a specific segment. Your message can be received by the app, regardless of location. This is truly a global tool for business growth.


Marketing Campaign Management

Schedule campaigns in advance or run them yourself in real time, our system gives you the ultimate in flexibility.