Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
     1.1 This privacy policy explains how WinLAB Digital, LLC treats personal information when you create an Account.

  • Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, email address or phone number.
  • Non-identifiable information is information that our system records in order to use our services. It is not possible to identify you using this data. This data may include the page you are browsing, the OS you are using and the browser you are using.


2. Usage

     2.1 WinLAB Digital, LLC will use the Personal Data you provide to create an Account and to use our services.

     2.2 WinLAB Digital, LLC will use this information for the following purposes: product updates and improvements, service provision, billing, authentication and contact.

     2.3 WinLAB Digital, LLC does not sell, trade, rent or distribute your personal data to third parties except for specific situations where we will highlight exactly what data we are sharing.

     2.4 WinLAB Digital, LLC may disclose your Personal Data where it complies with a court order or other legal process or request by law enforcement authorities or to defend itself against any legal claims.


3. App Tracking

     3.1 WinLAB Digital, LLC uses cookies and session management tracking to maintain your user experience. A cookie is a small data file stored on your devices local drive.

     3.2 Cookies are required to use WinLAB Digital, LLC’s service.

     3.3 The App also uses a ‘session cookie’ that only exists until you finish your browser session, these cookies are used to store your data as you move through your browser session but are never accessed by anyone else.


4. Storage & Security

     4.1 WinLAB Digital, LLC’s service is provided by using the hosting services of Google.

     4.2 Your account information is password-protected.

     4.3 The security of all data is very important. WinLAB Digital, LLC implements the following measures: protection of servers by firewalls, SSL connections and encryption of sensitive data. This list is not exhaustive.


5. Communications

     5.1 Where appropriate we may send you communications relating to the services, such as product updates and improvements and service provision.


6. Responsibility & Liability

     6.1 WinLAB Digital, LLC’s service may contain hyperlinks to other website, other 3rd party providers or services or advertisers. WinLAB Digital, LLC has no control over the content, websites or services of these 3rd parties. This Privacy statement only applies to Personal Data that has been gathered through WinLAB Digital, LLC’s services.


7. Data Removal

     7.1 You may request removal of your data at any time by emailing However, core functions of the service, and user experience may be compromised with the removal of any data stored within the services.


8. Changes to this Policy

     8.1 This policy may be updated at any time, for any reason.